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Philein, who has a California RE License,  has partnered with an extraordinary top agent: Margie Winter Swain.  Together we are building a sustainable donation base for ZiRu Dance. For every buy or sell through our network , 16% of net commission will be directly donated to ZiRu Dance.    (The real estate referral will be handled by Ziru Productions, the for-profit sister organization of ZiRu Dance.)


Featured Partner: Top Agent Margie Winter Swain of Alain Pinel:

Sold $161m worth of Real Estate in 2018

Previously worked on the team that was #1 in all of the country per the WSJ

Great access to off-market and opportunities coming soon

Extensive experience in both commercial and residential real estate  - Exemplary negotiation skills

Los Altos native who holds a Masters in Psychology/Marketing

In-depth knowledge of neighborhoods ranging from San Francisco to Sunnyvale  



Work with one of the best agents in the industry AND help ZiRu Dance at the same time. To learn more, please contact Philein at philein@zirudance.com


Our end of year goal:  we are developing an opportunity for donors to invest in commercial real estate,  which will also donate a portion of returns to the ZiRu Dance.


To bring the dance and investment community together, our "Housing Dance Initiative" will hold a monthly series of site-specific showcases at homes throughout the Peninsula where you can come and watch dance, see beautiful homes and learn more about these new and exciting developments.


Our five-year goal is to grow a $5m foundation from which a sustainable operating budget will fund ZIRu Dance.  To reach this goal, we will launch an annual fund drive in 2020.


If you have friends who are buying or selling a home,  please consider mentioning this free offer to them, to support dance.

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