Prior to COVID-19, ZiRu Dance presented the Silicon Valley Dance Festival which brought world class dance and workshops to share with audiences in San Mateo County. Our primary sources of income were grants for the festival, sponsorship events and workshop classes. 


In direct response to COVID-19, ZiRu Dance has pivoted to launch a new program called

Dance-OFF (Dance Online Free For-All).  These free online wellness dance classes are provided for those in need and/or who are affected by COVID-19 in a mental health and/or in an Anti-Asian American Xenophobic capacity.

ZiRu is partnering with over 20 schools, non-profits and healthcare professionals to share our classes with them.  Contact us today to work with us to create tailored programming for your organization! 

WHY WE DO what we do!

We are really helping people and want to be able to increase our positive impact!

"When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I felt alone and quickly started experiencing symptoms of depression. When the ZiRu team announced virtual classes, I was thrilled and had something to look forward to. Charles and other teachers brought amazing energy and allowed me to explore new dance forms in a safe and creative way. It's been so important for me to stay active and connect with others while sheltering in place. Thank you!"

Jeremie Gluckman

"Taking ZiRu dance was an incredible opportunity and a welcome escape from the claustrophobia of sheltering in place, a great form of exercise, and even a way for me to engage my two young daughters, who often danced in the background. What set ZiRu dance apart was that you're actually learning from a professional, and one that was extremely passionate and dedicated to helping you push boundaries."

Jennifer Wang

"When the whole quarantine started it was very difficult for me because I was away from home and I couldn't see my close friends. But when these online dance classes started, it was the best because me and my friends could escape from the routine and spend a nice time learning choreography that could be used for TikTok."

Natalia Ruiz

9 Dance Styles

500 community members reached



Your donation to ZiRu's Project Dance-OFF helps kick off a virtuous cycle in response to the global pandemic

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