Cultural Exchange Program

Our consistent focus on collaboration across cultural boundaries and on multi-disciplinary performance mediums has distinguished us both in the United States and in the greater China region. Since 2007, ZiRu Dance facilitated 25 tours and exchanges through the United States and China, bringing cross-cultural awareness to communities through art. Cultural exchange is at the heart of ZiRu Dance’s mission and over the years, has taken on a myriad of forms: commissioning new dance works from both Chinese and American choreographers; producing tours for American dance companies in Chinese; bringing Chinese and American dancers into the studio for collaborations; and sponsoring educational activities that bring both choreographers and students into foreign territory. 


Dance transcends language and cultural biases creating an entry point for communication, respect and understanding. In this international economy, it is imperative for cultural differences to be viewed in a way that makes them accessible and celebrated facets of our global identity. We see dance as a critical tool for crossing boundaries, and continue to find ways for performances and master classes to build a greater understanding of the United States and its culture in respect to cultural traditions of the greater China region: our differences, similarities, and complimentary resources.

Through these exchanges we continue to hone our own movement language, bridging cultural gaps by including elements of hip hop, modern, tai chi, ballet and wushu. Perhaps the most challenging and rewarding part of making all of this happen is building the lasting relationships that make exchange and cross-cultural understanding possible.

To read more about ZiRu Dance’s many completed company exchanges, including our hugely successful 2013-2014 Season, visit us here.

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